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Original Potters Ware Board

Product code: 30837

£52.50 Incl. VAT / £43.75 Excl. VAT

Original English Potters Boards or Ware Boards to choose from.

Dimensions:106 cms L x 26.5 cms W x 2 cms D

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These are original wooden ware boards from an English pottery. They would have been loaded with ceramic artefacts taken from the wheel and carried to the drying room and then on to the kiln.

This board has a broad red stripe at each end on one side and red and yellow stripes at each end on the other side.

Each one is different to the next, some have coloured ends, some are plain. All in original condition,  As you can imagine, each board has seen years of use and carried many pots! This has given the wood a great chalky patina and style.  They are ready for use as shelving, wall cladding, or back into the studio!

We have a large number of these in stock, so if you are looking for a large quantity, get in touch.

Product code: 30837

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