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Diamond Point Set of Glasses, Jug and Ice Bucket

Product code: 30447

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Set of 8 pieces of Indiana Glass Diamond Point.


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The Indiana Glass Company produced Diamond Point glassware in a variety of colours.  This set is in crystal.  The start date for the company is considered to be 1907, when a group of investors led by Frank W. Merry formed a company to buy the Dunkirk glass plant that belonged to the bankrupt National Glass Company. National Glass was a trust for glass tableware that originally owned 19 glass factories including the plant in Dunkirk. National Glass went bankrupt in 1907, and its assets were sold in late 1908.  Most famous for its Carnival glassware.  The company continued to produce glass in Dunkirk until November 2002, when the plant was closed. Although a glass plant owned by Lancaster Colony continued operating in Oklahoma under the name Indiana Glass Company, that plant was shut down in 2008.when foreign competition became too cheap to compete.

Although many believe that Diamond Point is a depression glass it appears in the Indiana Glass pattern book in 1965. The glassware is heavy and decorative.  Made for everyday use and hardware. This set consists of a jug or pitcher, 6 water or wine goblets and an ice bucket / jardinere.

Product Code: 30447