Old Books

We stock a large collection of varying styles and sizes of books.…

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Telescopic Theatre Light

Light 19 cms dia x 18 cms long . Extends to 190 cms

More than one available of these funky looking Telescopic Theatre Lights. They do…

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Vintage American Fire Extinguisher

More of the ever popular fire extinguishers available.

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Gold painted wooden Angel wings

Angel Wings

Gold painted wooden Angel wings. They are light weight so perfect for…

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Pharmaceutical Bottles

Pharmaceutical Bottles Various different bottles in size with different interesting labels.

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IBM Double Sided Clock

40 cms x 40 cms x 20 cms

IBM Double Sided Clock A square clock face on both sides of…

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Black Vintage American Phones

Black Vintage American Phones Early 20th Century telephones in several models and…

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Cash Bag Carrier canvas and leather Vintage

Cash Bag Carrier canvas and leather vintage Large vintage canvas cash carrier.…

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Chemist Bottles

Chemist Bottles

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March 2018 container has more stock

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Various Funky Mid Century Lights Lamps Shdes

Lots of Mid Century lamps, lights and shades in stock. We have…

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