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Agave Tequila Plant Bar Decoration

Product code: 1520

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Get the Mexican theme with this Tequila plant topper.

Dimensions; 50 cm h


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Mexico’s iconic national liquor Tequila is loved far and wide, Made from the agave plant, a desert succulent grown mainly in Mexico. This is our version of the spiky plant, made from scrap metal, handmade in Tequilas very own home country of Mexico. Gathered off cuts of scrap metal and welded together to make this cool bar feature, would look perfect next to the lemon and salt.

Fact of the day; Tequila can only be produced in certain states and municipalities in Mexico, anything outside this area can not be called Tequila.similar to the Champagne region in France.

As all our scrap metal items are handmade, they all differ slightly, giving each one its own personality.

Product code; 1520