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Vintage Original English Bushell Crate

Product code: 31033

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English wooden original vintage Covent Garden bushel or apple crate.  Fruit and vegetables have traditionally been sold by the bushel in wholesale markets.

A bushel is a measure used for dry goods, a British measure for dry goods and liquids that is equal to 8 imperial gallons, or an informal way of saying a large amount. When you have 8 gallons of wheat, this is an example of a bushel of wheat.  An American bushel is equal to 64 US pints.

Dimensions: 53 cms L x 37 cms W x 29 cms H


6 in stock

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Vintage wooden crate from Covent Garden market.  Dated on end 1954

We have 6 in stock but may vary slightly.  Will stack on top of each other.

Product Code: 31033

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