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Genuine Draft High Life Sign Miller American Backlit SOLD

Product code: 8537B

Genuine  American Miller High Life draught and bottle beer sign. The High Life beer is sold in clear bottles.  Does light up on 110v transformer.

Dimensions: 38 cms H x 50 cms W x 9 cms D

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A vintage, Miller High Life Sign from America.  Found in a bar storeroom but has not been used.  It will light up but needs to run through a transformer at 110v.

Miller High Life: This beer was put on the market in 1903 and is Miller Brewing’s oldest brand. High Life is grouped under the pilsner category of beers and is 4.6% ABV. The prevailing slogan on current packaging is “The Champagne of Beers”, an adaptation of its long standing slogan “The Champagne of Bottle Beers”.

Important note; All Electrical goods are sold as seen and will need to be re wired to comply with regulations in the intended country of use. The plug will be removed before purchase unless otherwise stated,  item runs on a 110 voltage, so 110 Volt Transformer will be needed to operate this light. Important notice: This item has not been PAT tested. 

Product code: 8537B

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