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Vintage American Styrofoam Lobster Pot Marker Buoy SOLD

Product code: 102130

Vintage American Styrofoam Lobster Pot Marker Buoy.

Dimensions: 19 cms dia x 86 cms total L x 36 cms L

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Used and weathered nautical display lobster pot marker buoys in a range of colours and shapes.  These lobster pot marker buoys were originally made to mark a lobster man’s pots.  They were hand made and painted in the lobster man’s colours.  His colours would be registered with the coast guard.  This ensured all pots were harvested by the  right boat.  Now form decoration for gardens, seafood restaurants and props.  If you drive around Cape Cod and coastal points North, a seafood restaurant frequently has them hanging over or covering the restaurant roof.  All are slightly different in shape and size.  All have a rope  to the top to tie to the rope and to the pot.

This one has white and turquoise paint.

Product code: 102130

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