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1989 Muppet School Bus Lunch Box In Original Wrapping

Product code: 30562

£30.00 Incl. VAT / £25.00 Excl. VAT

Bright yellow plastic 1989 Muppet School Bus Lunch Box In Original un-opened Wrapping.

Dimensions: 23 cms L x 18 cms H x 10 cms D

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Made in the USA.  This Muppet School Bus Lunch box is still in its original cellophane wrapping.  Inside is a carton of juice, not sure you would want to consume a Juicy Juice from 1989.  Has a 25c coupon and a space for a flask.  Marked Superseal TM.  Jim Henson Associates Inc Eagle Brooklyn., NY # 5564

Product Code: 30562

Styling:  Made for the Muppet collector in perfect condition still.  Could still be used, apart from the drink, as a children’s lunch box or as part of a lunch box collection.

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