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Antique Braiding Machine

Product code: 30958

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19th Century industrial braiding machine.

This machine is not practical and is for display only.

Dimensions:  67 cms H to top of stand 125 cms H to top x 42 cms dia.

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This machine is not practical and is for display only.

An interesting machine from the 19th century for spinning several spools of cotton, twine or string to make one braided rope or shoelaces. In a horn gear braider, bobbins of thread pass one another to the left and right on pseudo-sinusoidal tracks. The bobbins are mounted on spool carriers that are driven by a series of horn gears. A horn gear is a notched disk driven by a spur gear below on the same shaft; bobbins are transferred between notches of adjacent gears. These gears lie below the track plate that the bobbin carriers ride on. The gears must be driven at multiple points on machines that use two or more bobbin sets and cross-shafts.

The configuration of horn gears affects the shape of the final braid. A closed circle of gears can be used to make a hollow, circular rope. A single row or horseshoe-configuration can be used to create a flat braid. A grid of gears can be used to create solid-core braids, for example a square braid.

A great industrial or factory scene prop. Large, beautifully shaped, heavy duty legs each one embossed RIBM Co

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Product code:  30958

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