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Wholesale Supplier to Retailers

If you are a retailer either with a shop or an online store, we can supply you with many ‘in demand’ products for you to resell and turn a profit.

As wholesale suppliers we have both repeat items you can order time and time again and those one-off rare items that stand out from the crowd and make your shop different.

Working with Tramps

We can ship regular stock out to you at affordable prices using next day services. So if you suddenly run out of stock we can replenish quickly.

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Tramps work hard to stay ahead of the game keeping up to date with popular items whilst also setting trends. Items including Amish Barn stars, Mason Ball Jars, vintage spools and bobbins and vintage branded soda crates are prime examples of items we introduced to the UK on a large scale and they are still selling well today.

We stock many items with a a vintage industrial look. Toledo stools, office furniture, bar stools, work stands, vintage technical equipment, pulleys, scales and much more.

For more information about buying from Tramps and getting those hot items please don’t hesitate to get in touch.