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Assorted Sea Shells

Product code: 30600

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Sea shells from the beaches of Florida.

Dimensions  Florida Crown Conch from 4 cms  to 6 cms L  and from 3 cms  to 5 cms W

Turret shells are 2 – 3 cms L and approx 1 cm wide

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All black, brown and white sea shells.  There are 18 of the larger shells and 50 of the small conical shells.  The larger spiny shells are the Florida Crown Conch or Melongena corona.  This snail is a predator; it eats other molluscs, including scallops.  The smaller shells are turret or screw shells, again found on the beaches of Florida.

Please remember when buying vintage items  they will have signs of use €“ but that is also what makes them so unique.  We do our best to photograph and explain the condition of the item as best we can.  If you have any questions about a particular item please contact us. Please take the time to look at all pictures

Product Code: 30600

Styling:  These can be used in artwork as a shell picture or to decorate a frame for the beach apartment or hut.

Have been used to cover small lamps, boxes and for the more ambitious amongst you a trunk lid.

They can be washed (they were in the sea)  and added to an aquarium.