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Ball Mason Jars Quart Blue Glass x 2

Product code: 30623

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How to date your Jar:

Capital letters BALL – 1895-1896

Script Ball with underscore detached – 1895-1896

Script Ball with underscore attached by loop and has an extended line on the left side – 1900-1910

Script Ball with underscore attached without loop and has an extended line on the left side – 1910-1923

Script Ball without underscore and is plainly written – 1923-1933

Dimensions: 9.5 cms dia at base x 18 cms H each

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Ball Mason jars are iconic American kitchen storage jars.

The blue glass came as a bi-product,  in production, the sand from Lake Michigan turned blue in the glass making process.  The last of these were produced in 1937, they are still produced in clear glass.  Production started in the mid 1800’s.  Before the age of freezers the housewife preserved all her fruit, pickles and vegetables in these jars.  Therefore all kitchens had lots of these.  The most popular sizes were the Half Gallon, the Quart and the Pint.  There were 2 other sizes, the rare Half pint and the 3 Pint (known as the moonshiners jar, as that is what they were generally used for).

The Iconic ball mason jars look great on shelves just as display, or used as storage.

The Zinc lids have milk glass inner linings, so they are safe to use for foodstuffs.

Used vintage condition.

Product Code:30623


Mason jars, in blue glass with zinc screw top lids, are still used to bottle fruit and vegetables today.  Some things don’t freeze as well as bottling.  An allotment growers friend.

Recently they have become great table centres for a posy of flowers at weddings, Christenings and family gatherings.

Often used upside down as a hanging light shade for that individual lighting effect, especially in restaurants, bars and kitchens.

Drilled through the lid with a low power LED for the perfect BBQ light.

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