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Large Folding Champagne Riddling Rack

Product code: 30404

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Folding Oak Champagne Rack. Great display for the garden or retail.

Dimensions: 71 cms L x 12 cms D when closed x 153 cms H

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Made of solid oak, these are incredibly heavy and sturdy.  If you have travelled to the Champagne region of France you will have seen them.  Originally these were made to hold the champagne bottles neck down to allow the yeast and sediment to gather in the neck of the bottle before disgorgement.  Each bottle was given a quarter turn each day, the technique known as Riddling. Still used today in many Champagne houses for their best Champagnes but more modern machinery is now also used to turn them in large cages automatically.  The racks are now used in restaurants, bars and champagneries to display the bottles and often as an attractive display on the pavement with pots of flowers in the holes. Fabulous prop.

Product Code: 30404