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Sony 600 Series Portable Reel to Reel Recorder

Product code: 30690

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60’s Sony 600 reel to reel tape recorder.


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Available to commercial hire and film industry professionals


This is a 1/4€³ reel to reel unit with two recording channels, tape speeds, line output/monitor.

American army audio engineer Jack Mullin studied the German Magnetaphons after being told about them by a British Army counterpart during the war.   He acquired 2 and shipped them home. When he returned home he dismantled them to work on them for the next 2 years with a view on the commercial market..   He gave a demonstration of his recorders at MGM Studios in Hollywood in 1947, which led to a meeting with Bing Crosby, who immediately saw the potential of Mullin’s recorders to pre-record his radio shows. Crosby invested $50,000 in a local electronics company, Ampex, to enable Mullin to develop a commercial production model of the tape recorder. Using Mullin’s tape recorders, and with Mullin as his chief engineer, Crosby became the first American performer to master commercial recordings on tape and the first to regularly pre-record his radio programs on the medium.

Even today, some artists of all genres prefer analogue tape, claiming it is more “musical” or “natural” sounding than digital processes, despite its fidelity inaccuracies. Due to harmonic distortion, bass can thicken up, creating a fuller-sounding mix. In addition, high end frequencies can be slightly compressed, which some claim is more natural to the human ear, though this claim is difficult to quantify due to the very personal aesthetics as to what is ‘natural’ sound.

The Advert for the Sony 600 stated:  “Enter the world of the professional with the Sony 600, a superbly engineered instrument with 3 head design, you are master of the most exacting stereophonics tape recording techniques”.

Please remember when buying vintage items  they will have signs of use €“ but that is also what makes them so unique.  We do our best to photograph and explain the condition of the item as best we can.  If you have any questions about a particular item please contact us. Please take the time to look at all pictures.

Product Code: 30690

Styling:  With the return of interest and use of the reel to reel tape recorder, this is one to have.  To many, the quality of sound recorded on these machines is more natural and honest.

As a prop in a 60’s film, TV production or on the stage this is the look.


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