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Vintage American Flexible Flyer Sledge

Product code: 51229

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American Flexible Flyer Sledge

Dimensions: 129.8cm L x 55.8cm D x 16.7cm H

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Vintage American wooden sledge with red metal runners.  All original wood and steel. This is a Flexible Flyer sledge and has red graphics on the seat and steering.  The steering mechanism works well, with a piece of rope to steer with and to hold on to. Underneath the sledge is stamped with ‘Genuine Flexible Flyer, With Safety Runners And Super Steering’, ‘Flexible Flyer No. 51’ and ‘Made in USA by S. L. Allen & Co.’.

The paint worn in places, there are a few small scuffs, and some rust on runners where paint worn. Please see images.

Samuel Leeds Allen patented the Flexible Flyer in 1889 in Cinnaminson, New Jersey using local children and adults to test prototypes. Allen’s company flourished by selling these speedy and yet controllable sleds at a time when others were still producing toboggans and “gooseneck” sleds.

The practical use of sleds is ancient and widespread. They were developed in areas with consistent winter snow cover, as vehicles to transport materials and/or people, far more efficiently than wheeled vehicles could in icy and snowy conditions. Early designs included hand-pulled sizes as well as larger dog, horse, or ox drawn versions. There are five types of sleds commonly used recreationally today: runner sleds, toboggans, disks, tubes and backcountry sleds.  This is a runner sled.

Product Code: 51229/SC

Styling: Perfect for Christmas displays, hung on the wall of a man cave or workshop as a  statement piece, or even to use for sledging!

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